No, Hidden Fees - No Complicated Pricing Means You'll Stress Less & Profit More. At iShipUSA you'll not only save money and enjoy higher profits as result, you'll also have peace-of-mind knowing that your shipments and customers will be taken care of. That frees you up to continue growing your business! Here's the bottom line: Our worldwide fulfillment solution promises no hidden fees, delays, excuses or upsells - Which means less stress and more profits!
 We Hate Hidden Fees. So We'll Keep It Very Simple "No Hidden Fees - EVER".
We Can Work With Any System. From E-commerce Platforms To Manual Order Sheets. We Handle Them All
Paying Less + Ship Faster = Happier Customers and Lower Overheads. That Means More Profits For You!
In addition to having built and sold, multiple, "7 figure" e-commerce stores, I spent about 7 years as the CEO of a large digital marketing platform that built all sorts of solutions for e-commerce marketers, affiliates and enterprises. In that time, the number one issue that our e-commerce customers had was finding a good place in the USA for fulfillment - which was something we couldn’t help with at the time. Our customers explained that shipping through China or other Nations was too slow and resulted in all sorts of issues but they explained that prices in the USA were outrageous.

Having sold off my interests in that company, it never left my mind that so many people needed a good solution for fulfillment. I had a conversation with Milind, my business partner, then decided to start looking around to see what the options in the market looked like. What we found was that all of the USA based fulfillment centers did in fact have outrageous pricing! Not only that, most of them had a slew of upsells, extra charges, very high minimums, storage costs and a bunch of other things that made it nearly impossible for people in e-commerce to work with while retaining profits.

We kept our eyes open and in a short while, we got some friends and family interested in the idea. We opened up a fulfillment center that could take small orders and things started growing quickly from there. It really just started out as a small side project but people began to refer us by word of mouth and we found ourselves scaling rapidly. The rest is history and today we’re a fully staffed, fully equipped - turnkey fulfillment center. We’re still a family and friends run business but we’ve used our skills and experience to scale and put forward the absolute best e-commerce fulfillment solution there is. Co-Founder of iShipUSA - Peter Tarr

Austin Woodley says:

“I Was Struggling With Massively Inconsistent Times From My Suppliers In China And I Can’t Spend My Own Time Shipping. After Looking Around, Nobody In The USA Could Offer The Service And Value Of IShipUSA. Switching Over Has Literally Changed Everything For Me. My Customers Love The Fast Domestic Delivery”

Joseph Rahal says:

“I’ve been doing my own shipping because my customers cancelled and disputed a lot when I shipped from China and even Canada. But I just couldnt keep up. I was hesitant as the only USA based companies I’d tried before all found ways to throw on costs hidden in contract but iShipUSA has been next to perfect for me. The pricing is exactly how they pitch it to you and they do everything as agreed.” 
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